Our skills, resources and business model make us unique in Canada. We are a full-service charrette shop, catering to innovators in the building industry with customized professional consulting, education and networking services.

Some people have heard of integrated design and charrettes. A few innovators in the building industry actually use them, but not many. Charrettes are expensive, time-consuming and annoying, right? Absolutely not! Charrettes can save clients and building professionals time and money.

How do we do it? How does ISG add value?

ISG will manage unknowns and complexity for you. We will save you money by cutting the time you spend sorting through the many complex decisions about materials and best practices, and shuffling designs and plans between building professionals. We will help you to create more efficient, comfortable and sustainable building.

We are not taking authority away from your building professionals. Their input is essential to take into account all architectural and engineering aspects as well as future use patterns that will influence various efficiencies over time. Our unique contribution is careful collaborative performance goal-setting and consideration of neighbors and occupant use patterns before the team selects the final building’s form, when multi-stakeholder input is most effective. The result is a measurably better, measurably more sustainable building.

ISG is planning for the future. What if…?

  • Energy costs keep going up?
  • The provinces implement carbon pricing?
  • Commercial real estate clients start demanding energy labeling on buildings?
  • Municipalities and utilities demand better energy and water efficiency?
  • Insurance companies demand safer, more sustainable buildings?

We have the answers.