ISG’s principal services are consulting, training & education, and network-building.

ISG works with clients’ and ISG’s building professionals. We can collaborate with your team to add a charrette into the design process saving time and money in a long term while getting more efficient, comfortable and sustainable buildings.

Buildings are complex structures that require coordination. Integrative design embraces complexity by assembling carefully tailored groups of design professionals and other stakeholders together for intense collaborative brainstorming sessions called charrettes. A charrette can be a half-day session or a series of full-day sessions depending on client needs and budget. The result is preliminary designs for high performance building from which the client’s design professionals create working drawings.

Integrative design embraces complexity by facilitating collaborative design; it incorporates diverse ideas and approaches to harmonize designers and design elements related to energy, materials, site, climate, construction, resilience, economics, culture and society.

​​Click on our You Tube video for the basics on charrettes.

1. Consulting services:

  • Helping clients to establish realistic, measurable performance goals;
  • Creating tailored design teams;
  • Arranging project-specific charrettes;
  • Charrette facilitation, if required;
  • Contributing sustainability expertise;
  • Recording and reporting on charrettes and outcomes;

2. Training & education:

  • Seminars on best practices in building to industry, academic, nonprofit and government stakeholders;
  • Print and electronic resources on sustainable built environments;
  • Integrative design process training.

3. Networking:
​ISG can be a hub for a large and growing network of sustainability researchers and practitioners.  Our network is the most valuable asset, and its partners are essential for integrative solutions. Networking and collaboration are built into everything we do!