ISG’s principal services are consulting, training & education, and network-building.

ISG works with clients’ and ISG’s building professionals. We can collaborate with your team to add a step – the charrette – into the design process saving time and money and resulting in more efficient, comfortable and sustainable buildings


Our skills and resources  make us unique as we can cater to innovators in the building industry with professional consulting, education and networking services.


Our network is the most valuable asset, and its partners are essential for integrative solutions. Networking and collaboration are built into everything we do!

Why choose ISG

Some people have heard of integrated design and charrettes. A few innovators in the building industry actually use them, but not many. Charrettes are expensive, time-consuming and annoying, right? Absolutely not! Charrettes can save clients and building professionals time and money.

Get familiar with charrettes

ISG principal is proud to be involved in the projects below prior to the creation of ISG.
All three incorporated integrative design and charrettes with excellent results.